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M HOUSE Juicing and its health benefits

The quality of M HOUSE Juices is important not only for the general concept of Healthy Consumption but it is also essential for a successful skincare routine and plan thanks to the fresh ingredients rich in C, D, E and K Vitamins. Taking vitamins on a daily basis through Juicing Method is highly recommended due to the possibility of regenerating damaged skin cells , reducing the chance of a dry and red skin, eleminating black spots and wrinkles and many more health conditions related to skin in general, which are prevented by the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables that our juices consist of. The importance of Juicing is also undeniable as a result of the fact that C and E Vitamins are two of the key antioxidants in most of our products known for the stimulation of collagen in your body, thanks to which your skin remains protected while it's being exposed to the sun.


Skopje as the next M House location is obviously a massive project that will for sure “alchemize” the way things flow within our company, starting from the organizational structure to the producing mechanisms that will tend to be compatible with a format as enormous as Diamond of Skopje is. M House Skopje is expected to initiate a new step for M House in general since it will certainly involve a different stage of clients, perspectives and lifestyles owing to the fact that Skopje as North Macedonia’s capital consists of a wider range of cultures our company should ensure consumption conformity for. The expansion of a brand is impossible without the expansion of its staff capacity, so M House will surely be open for new job positions where everyone who has a tendency to bring professionalism, work discipline and creativity will always be welcome to join any of our departments and enhance their career with us.


M HOUSE Bakery is that type of establishment which has emphasized M HOUSE Concept successfully since its very beginning. The provision of healthy and qualitative products within our Company is not an option that we choose, it's the only alternative we have when it comes to accomplishing the mission of creating a Healthy Habitat where everyone can fit in. Inspired by the Scandinavian Bakery Concept we decided to bring the Nordic Eating Patterns to our country, which even though for years has been denoted as paradoxal, through hard work and persistence it has been successfully achieved and today it marks one of the most crucial developments within our community . It is obviously undeniable that all of this realization would simply remain 'Mission Impossible' without the vulnerability of our customers to accept change and upgrade their lifestyles by being loyal to our Breads, Sandwiches, Cakes and many more Bakery products that are about to be presented with the expansion of M HOUSE itself.