Starting from 2011 M HOUSE has noticeably brought a whole other era to Tetovo as its very first location creating so a healthy lifestyle where everyone can easily fit in. Juicing has been chosen as the very first technique to promote healthiness and quality by all means, including the highest quality coffee as well and the best possible preparation of it, continuing later on with sandwiches and cakes based on Danish Bakery Concept which today mark two of the main products M HOUSE BAKERY consists of. Currently M HOUSE is represented by four successful Locations in North Macedonia where self-servicing is a denotation of mobility and flexibility by which customers are able to explore our spaces and get to know the transparency M HOUSE operates with.


It's the concept of Healthy Living & Eating what we're determined to promote through the wide range of our high quality products. Guided by the mission of bringing welfare to our customers' lifestyle M HOUSE is undoubtedly the HOUSE of authentic recipes and good food where your proper eating habits are able to be learnt anytime.


The ambition of being globally expanded is what triggers our suceess the most. Every day we aim to bring out the best of food services so our brand can associate with healthiness, professional staff and comfortable environments internationally acclaimed.


Openness and Integrity are two of our leading principles. Building spaces where customers can be fully aware of what they're about to consume is obviously the biggest strength of our operating plan which for years has continously guaranteed customer support and loyalty to what we provide.